About Us

Established in 1996, Precision Results embarked on a mission to create a customer friendly superior quality source for large and small OEM's and manufacturers. That goal has taken Precision Results from concept and 7,500 square feet of manufacturing space to many employees and 20,000 square feet of dedicated manufacturing space producing hundreds of thousands of parts and assemblies a year for a multitude of customers.


Just as we strive to meet the expectations of our customers, Precision Results Manufacturing Inc. is also dedicated to the needs and development of its employees. With our well trained and experienced employees, our mid-sized company operates through the concept of a management team. As a team, we're proud to be both customer and employee oriented.


Safety is a great concern for us. Our facility is set up to provide top quality parts at the right time and price--in a safe working environment. Through the encouragement and support of management, many of our employees participate in vocational school courses to enhance productivity and quality.


Precision Results Manufacturing is geared toward constantly improving quality. Before you receive a fabricated metal part, it must meet the rigid standards of our quality control department. All of our inspection equipment is calibrated to measure the quality of our products with the utmost precision; some of our quality control equipment is monitored by an authorized outside company which objectively verifies the accuracy of our measurements.